Handyman Services
If we can't fix it, it ain't broken!
Do you have a long list of home projects to do but little time or know-how to get them done? BHR, Inc. would be happy to help you with your list of “fix it” projects so you have more time for the things that really matter.
Call BHR, Inc. today at (408) 247-6565 to set up a time to meet and review your “to do” list.
No job is too small
Not only do we provide the jobs listed on the Services Provided page of our website but also projects such as these:
  • Window and Wall Air Conditioner Installation
  • Child Proofing of Cabinets & Doors
  • Fan Installation for Attic & Ceiling
  • Seasonal Repairs and Preparation
  • Organizing of Shelves & Space
Call BHR, Inc. today to discuss your next project and for an estimate at (408) 247-6565.
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